Chinese mother goes from flab to fab after son calls her 'demon'

PHOTO: Chinese mother goes from flab to fab after son calls her 'demon'

Determined to lose weight after being called a demon by her son, a 40-year-old mother transformed herself into a beauty by making changes to her unhealthy lifestyle.

Lady1314 reported that before her astounding weight loss, not only was her appearance derided by her son, her husband ignored her and would often quarrel with her.

According to reports, Madam Zhao's body condition started going downhill after giving birth to her son.

She started to look and feel haggard and always had a feeling of being unwashed, even after a shower. After showering, the mother of one said she felt like she was wrapping a dumpling when getting dressed.

Her skin condition also deteriorated with brown spots and pigmentation appearing on her skin, a far cry from her once rosy complexion.

Her husband barely spoke 10 words to her daily, and when she complained, they would get into fights.

Determined to change all of this, Madam Zhao decided to take action to slim down and look better.

She started to change her poor lifestyle choices and tried out a Korean health supplement. She would eat healthy meals and go to sleep promptly by 11pm, to get up at 7am every day.

A year later, Madam Zhao looks drastically different. Photos show her looking 10 years younger and according to the reports, she receives flowers and compliments from her husband frequently.

To prevent admirers from getting to his wife, her husband even fetches her home from work everyday.

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