Chinese nurse breastfeeds infant to calm him during surgery

Chinese nurse breastfeeds infant to calm him during surgery

Another healthcare worker in China has won praises online for calming a crying baby by breastfeeding him during surgery.

The month-old infant was undergoing an operation on Sept 29 to remove an anal abscess when he started to bawl, reported Shanghaiist.

A nurse in the next operating theatre heard his cries and offered to help soothe the child.

Coincidentally, the nurse recently had a child and was lactating.

She offered to carry the infant in her arms during the procedure as well as nurse the young patient who appeared to be hungry.

The child's mother told the Chinese media in an interview that he had to fast for a few hours prior to the surgery.

He calmed down after latching onto the nurse which allowed surgeons to complete the operation.

Dr Zhao, the doctor who performed the surgery, described the scene as "very moving and heartwarming."

The baby's father also expressed his gratitude to the nurse outside the operating theatre after the surgery concluded.

Following the circulation of the photos online, Chinese netizens have dubbed her the "most beautiful nurse."

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