Chow Yun Fat already so thin, but is told he needs to lose more fat

On March 28, international film star Chow Yun Fat attended a promotional activity for a fashion brand, looking much skinnier than usual.

Rumours say that Fat Gor lost over 40 pounds in the span of a few months, but the 58-year-old clarified that it was only 30 pounds, reports Jayne Stars.

"It's 30 pounds. Since shooting 'From Vegas to Macau' last year, all that is left of me is bones! I will not get any skinnier," he said, although he did not specifically explain why he lost so much weight in the first place.

It has been nearly three decades since Fat Gor last starred in a local Hong Kong film. Wong Jing's Lunar New Year gambling movie 'From Vegas to Macau', which opened in Hong Kong on January 30, was therefore considered to be Fat Gor's reintroduction to the Hong Kong film industry.

Fat Gor praised his co-star Nicholas Tse, sharing that he was one of the reasons why he agreed to take part in the film.

Asked if he would want to work with Nicholas again in another film, Fat Gor explained that it would depend on Nicholas' schedule and the film's script.

"[Nicholas] is a very picky person. Right now, he is busy flying around the world to do a food programme."

Fat Gor said Nicholas had asked him if he was interested in making a guest appearance on his show, but Fat Gor's schedule was too tight.

He said he never tried Nicholas' cooking, and revealed that Nicholas only ate boiled eggs on set. "He doesn't need to eat anything else. He's a god!"

Fat Gor is currently shooting the drama film 'Contemporary Musical Design for Living', directed by Johnnie To and starring Sylvia Chang, Eason Chan, and Tang Wei.

"The costume designer told me I have to lose more fat on my cheeks. Now I can't eat for the next ten days!" Fat Gor added with a laugh.

In regards to his weight loss, Fat Gor's wife and manager, Jasmine Tan, said, "It's enough. He needs to stop!"

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