Christine Kuo reveals the real reason why she put on so much weight

PHOTO: Christine Kuo reveals the real reason why she put on so much weight

Christine Kuo spent a month back home in Canada after discovering she suffers from hypothyroidism, an endocrine disorder in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones.

The illness led her to gain much weight, significantly affecting her career status, Jayne Stars reported.

Reportedly, Christine's symptoms surfaced at the same time she was facing pressure from the media for allegedly being the third party in Lynn Hung and Aaron Kwok's relationship.

After completing the filming of Tiger Cubs 2 in early October, Christine did not make any public appearances.

During this time, she visited a doctor in Hong Kong and found out about her ailment.

She said she could not eat nor sleep, yet she gained weight quickly, puzzling her.

Suffering physically and mentally from the disorder, Christine admitted there had been a time when she felt like giving up on herself.

Fortunately, her family and friends in Canada cheered her up and showed their support.

Christine revealed: "At first, I thought I was just fat, so I only focused on how to lose weight. People laughed at me, and I felt so hurt that I often hid and cried.

"Many colleagues left messages to motivate me, but that only made me cry as well. I wanted to disappear, but my family would be worried.

"I didn't know there were problems with my thyroid gland until I saw a doctor."

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