Is coconut water actually healthy? Here's what the experts say

Coconut water is a health fad that has lasted pretty long, with many touting it's supposed health benefits. But is it really that good for you?

Coconut water advocates boast some lofty claims but is it really nature's miracle cure - more hydrating than water - or merely a well-designed marketing ploy? This is what our experts had to say:

"Coconut water has become very fashionable recently but it's actually been used to rehydration and health in tropical regions around the world for centuries. Coconut water isn't the same as coconut milk, which is made by mixing coconut water and coconut meat, and then pressed to give the milk. The water has a very light consistency and contains energy-producing and stress-reducing B-group vitamins and minerals." - Belinda Kirkpatrick, Naturopath

"Of all the foods that have created hype over the past few years coconut water is high up on the list. From a nutritional perceptive, it does contain fewer kilojoules than both sports drinks and fruit juices, with relatively high amounts of the mineral salt, potassium." - Susie Burrell, Weight-Loss Expert

"Coconut water is actually a healthy natural drink and a good source of hydration. In its natural form, it's low in sugar and kilojoules (less than half of fruit juices and soft drinks), low in fat, and has a balance of electrolytes similar to our blood plasma, which means it's easily absorbed." - Dr Claudia Lee, General Practitioner

Here are some other health benefits of coconut water that you may not have known about: