Coldplay frontman reveals struggle with tinnitus

Call it an occupational hazard.

Coldplay frontman and British singer Chris Martin told the Daily Mirror newspaper that he's been suffering from tinnitus for the past 10 years due to constant exposure to loud music.

Tinnitus - defined by the perception of sound within the ear in the absence of corresponding external sound - will often cause intense buzzing or ringing.

Severe earaches and headaches are also common in sufferers, and the condition can result in permanent deafness if it goes untreated.

The condition can be caused or aggravated by several factors, including exposure to loud noise, age-related hearing loss, earwax blockage, head injuries and high blood pressure.

There is currently no known cure for tinnitus.

Said Martin, 35, who is backing the Action On Hearing Loss campaign: "I wish I'd thought about it earlier.

"Now we always use moulded filter plugs, or in-ear monitors, to try and protect our ears."

This article was first published in The New Paper. Additional reporting by YourHealth, AsiaOne.