Condom found in milk formula claim unfounded: Spokesperson

SINGAPORE - Yesterday, China Daily reported that a man from Hangzhou, China found a condom in his daughter's milk formula container when he was feeding his 14-month-old daughter.

However, the manufacturer of the milk powder American healthcare company Abbott Laboratories has come forward to strongly deny this took place.

A spokesperson from Abbott Nutrition Singapore told YourHealth that the accusations circulating in the Chinese press are completely unfounded and false.

Abbott said that it has stringent manufacturing methods and controls in place to prevent foreign material from entering formulas, and that there is no way the condom could have entered the product through their manufacturing process.

The company is investigating the case thoroughly and urged the public to show restraint in making damaging comments without the true facts of the case being established.

Abbott added that it has taken measures to protect the company's rights and may take legal action if required.

According to report, a sample of the milk powder - Abbott's Gain Plus 3 formula - has been sent to a commercial bureau to be tested. A representative also visited the man's house.

The results are expected to be out on Friday.