Cool ideas for hot nights

With temperatures reaching 33°C in the city, it’s getting harder to fall asleep. Here are some ways to stay cool without air-conditioning.

1. Open the windows

Assuming that it is safe to do so, this will increase ventilation and allow outside air in, which will bring indoor temperatures down.

2. Cotton on

Wearing light cotton sleep wear will help you keep cool throughout the night as sweat is easily absorbed by the material.

3. Change bedsheets often

When you sweat, bacteria is trapped in your bedsheet and pillows. During the hot season, it's a good idea to put fresh ones on every few days for better sleep.

4. Fan and ice

If you have a table fan, place a bowl of ice cubes on a chair, with the fan blowing towards the chair and your bed. This will mimic the cold air of air-conditioning, at least until the ice melts. Hopefully, you are asleep by then.

5. Wet the curtains

If your curtains are of light fabric, hang them, damp and newly-washed, just before you sleep so the outside air blows against them and keeps the inside air cool.

6. Sleep downstairs

Simple science teaches us that warm air rises, so it is cooler to sleep downstairs.

7. Take a shower

Take a short shower with lukewarm water before bed to bring down body temperature. Otherwise, wipe your body down with a cool towel.

8. No evening workouts

If evening exercise is your routine, it's time to change it. Working out will elevate your body temperature, making it even harder for you to get your beauty sleep soon after.

9. Wear socks

Wet ones, that is. Soak a pair of cotton socks in cold water, wring until damp and put it on. Cooling your feet helps bring down overall body temperature.

10. Avoid spicy food

Avoid spicy food and beverages with caffeine before going to bed. A better option is a glass of milk or water.