Da Lat man's 90kg tumour bleeding from crack

PHOTO: Da Lat man's 90kg tumour bleeding from crack

The Da Lat man with a 90-kg tumour in his right leg has been bleeding severely from a 5cm-long crack in the growth, his brother told Tuoitrenews.

Nguyen Duy Hai developed the crack because the tumour "stretched," doctors at the town's Hoan My hospital, who bandaged it, said.

Dr Tran Si Tuan of the Ho Chi Minh City-based Tumor Hospital's surgical department II, who recently treated Hai, told Tuoitrenews that the wound would neither affect his health nor the scheduled surgery on November 18.

Hai said he was waiting anxiously for the operation, which is expected to last 10-12 hours.

Dr Le Hoang Minh, director of the Tumor Hospital, said Prof McKay McKinnon, an American plastic surgeon, would bring a team of US for the surgery.

He was optimistic it would be a success.

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