Dad sues uni over sperm donor's death

A medical student in China died while donating his semen for the fifth time in two months.

His father, Mr Zheng Jinglong, is suing the university that is affiliated to the sperm bank for more than four million yuan (S$808,000) in compensation, reported China Daily.

The reason for the student's sudden death is still unclear, though the hospital said it was "accidental".

Mr Zheng Gang, a doctoral candidate in medical studies from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, in Hubei province, had died in February last year, during his fifth donation at the sperm bank.

The father said his son was healthy and had just received a health check, reported Yangtze River Times.

The university allegedly talked the donor's wife and father into agreeing to cremate the body two days after his death, said the report.

Demanded autopsy

The father demanded an autopsy several times, but the university refused.

The local court in Wuhan, capital of the province, has opened a case involving this incident.

The university had compensated the family with 88,000 yuan "in humanitarian aid"and will waive the tuition fees of Mr Zheng's wife, who is also a doctoral candidate at the university.

During the trial, the lawyer and the representative for the university denied any connection with the student's death and asked the court to reject the father's appeals.

According to the Hubei Provincial Human Sperm Bank website, a qualified donor must donate his semen from eight to 15 times in six months to earn between 3,800 and 4,800 yuan.

An additional 200 yuan fee is paid out if the donor completes his assignment in three months.

The trial continues.

This article was first published in The New Paper.