Daily HFMD checks implemented at primary schools

SINGAPORE - Primary school children now have to undergo daily checks for hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD).

This is in response to the alarming rise in HFMD cases in recent weeks.

The prevalence of the disease has crossed the epidemic level - 780 cases a week - since February this year.

For the week ending May 19, the number reached a record high of 1,687 cases, The Straits Times reported.

Two weeks ago, it was announced by Minister of State for Health Amy Khor that HFMD checks would be extended to primary schools after feedback received.

Previously, checks were conducted only at childcare centres, kindergartens, and tuition, enrichment and language centres.

However, now, the Ministry of Education (MOE) is working with all primary schools to not only ensure temperature and visual checks are being conducted, but also to raise the personal and environmental hygiene of the schools.

MOE advised parents to keep their children away from school if they show symptoms of the disease, and to practise a high standard of hygiene at home.

Parents are also advised to seek early medical attention for their child if they are feeling unwell.