Database to address fears of medical community

PETALING JAYA - The national database on performance in patient safety will address the fears of the medical community.

Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) president Dr S. R. Manalan said doctors and nurses feared being penalised when they made errors.

"They try to cover them up, which leads to bigger problems.

"The data collection process could remove that fear and see how these errors can be prevented," he said.

Dr Manalan advised the National Patient Safety Council not to rush the implementation of the national database.

Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM) president Datuk Dr Jacob Thomas said patient safety should be given due attention.

"APHM is represented in the council and is endorsing and leading this effort," he said.

It was reported in Sunday Star that medical establishments will have to report regularly to the council on 13 key patient safety goals.

The Health Ministry's pharmaceutical services division is tasked with monitoring and analysing cases like medication error for the database.

Its senior director Datuk Eisah A. Rahman said that from the database, which will be set up within the year, the division would be able to identify areas to improve.