Devoted husband dedicates blog to his coma-stricken wife

PETALING JAYA - A husband who quit his job to take care of his coma-stricken wife has started a blog to express his thoughts and experiences.

Abil Fikri Ahmad said that he created the blog ( in the hope that his wife Fauziah Muhamad would one day recover.

A sudden asthma attack more than a year ago has left Fauziah in a vegetative state.

"I want Fauziah to know what happened when she recovers, (if) I am not able to be there to explain it to her," said the 43-year-old former financial planner.

His blog postings are addressed to Fauziah, a former financial consultant, whom he calls "Dear".

Many readers have left comments in response to his posts, encouraging him to stay strong and telling him how his words have inspired them.

Doctors have told Abil that Fauziah, 38, would most likely remain in a vegetative state for the rest of her life, but he still wakes up every morning hoping to hear her call out his name.

Abil's life now revolves around looking after Fauziah who requires round-the-clock care.

His daily routine includes feeding her liquid food through a tube, bathing her, changing her diapers and giving her medication, while reading and talking to her.

"She is my wife and it is my responsibility as her husband to care for her no matter what," Abil said in a telephone interview.

He described Fauziah, his wife of three years, as a "classic beauty" who was an excellent cook. He had fallen in love with her at first sight.

He recalled how Fauziah woke him up in a state of panic complaining of difficulty in breathing in June last year.

"On the way to Hospital Kuala Lumpur, she stopped breathing but the doctors managed to resuscitate her. She was in a coma in the ICU for about five days.

"By the time she woke up, she had lost almost all body functions and could only move her head sideways," he said.

Abil quit his job, mortgaged their house in Kuala Lumpur and moved back to Seremban to take care of Fauziah.

He is on a strict budget and is surviving on his savings. Readers of his blog and followers of his Facebook page called "Dana Sinar Fauziah" have offered financial support, which Abil said is "just enough to get by".

Asked what his plans are, he said:

"There's no telling what the future holds. But as long as she lives, I will be by her side," he said.