Devoted man takes care of comatose girlfriend for two months

A young man from China was overjoyed after his girlfriend recently awoke from a two-month-long coma caused by a serious car accident.

Tencent News reported that Mr Chen Ben had quit his job to give her round-the-clock care for about 70 days.

However, the first words he heard when Ms Fu Jun regained consciousness were shocking.

She asked: "Why did you save me? You shouldn't look after me. I don't want to get married, don't want to be a burden!"

Although he was hurt by her words, he did not take them to heart as he understood that she had said them out of frustration with her condition.

In a Sina News report, he recounted seeing his depressed girlfriend hitting her own head and legs with her fists.

Chen reassured her that he would be there for her and her condition would get better.

In photos circulating on the Internet, he is seen supporting Ms Fu as she struggles to walk once again.

The young woman is now undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy and acupuncture sessions to recover from the accident.