DJ Leng Yein documents plastic surgery experience in Korea

PHOTO: DJ Leng Yein documents plastic surgery experience in Korea

Malaysian DJ Leng Yein recently underwent plastic surgery procedures to change her appearance - yet again.

GIGACIRCLE reported that she had recently become the spokesperson for a Korean cosmetic centre.

As such, the surgeries done on her were reportedly performed free-of-charge.

Quashing rumours that she had spent hundreds of thousands on cosmetic surgery procedures before becoming a spokesperson for the cosmetic centre, the DJ clarified that she was also an ambassador for three other plastic surgery clinics, so she did not need to pay a cent.

The DJ had work done on her eyes, nose, arms, breasts and also had botox injections.

Leng Yein was seen in high spirits in a Facebook post on Jan 4.

She wrote: "New Year. New Face. New Start.

"I am starting my year in Korea as a [Korean Beauty Ambassador], sponsored by KBCA and Korea Medical Tour Association (Korea Care)."

The Malaysian DJ was thrust into the spotlight last year after her public spat with Singaporean DJ Tenashar.

In her Facebook post, DJ Tenashar accused DJ Leng Yein of sabotaging her console at the Hotlink Da Mouth & DJ Tenashar Live in Concert at Sunway Lagoon on Feb 15 last year.

DJ Leng Yein, however, took it to her Facebook page to defend herself from these accusations, saying that it was another DJ who played before DJ Tenashar's set.

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