DJ Monteiro warded for suspected mild stroke

PHOTO: DJ Monteiro warded for suspected mild stroke

SINGAPORE - He was entertaining listeners on air when he felt a numbness in his right leg on Tuesday.

"It was a really strange feeling and it spread up my body to my right arm," said radio deejay Rod Monteiro, 44, who hosts The Married Men from 6am to 10am on weekdays on 91.3FM.

The numbness later moved to his head and everything became surreal, he said.

He took a six-minute break when a song was played and, as he walked over to the couch to rest, his co-host, Andre Hoeden, noticed he was dragging his right leg.

Said Monteiro: "I didn't even know I was not lifting my leg properly until Andre told me.

"I rested for a while before going back on air. I felt a little better then but the numbness came back again."

It was only about two hours later that Monteiro told co-hosts Hoeden and Jillian Lim of his predicament.

Hoeden drove him to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), where he was subsequently warded for what he suspects was a mild stroke.

When The New Paper spoke to Monteiro over the phone last night, he said a CT (computerised tomography) scan had been done.

"So far, everything is fine, nothing wrong was found in the CT scan results. The doctors intend to do a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan tomorrow."

He added that his wife, Joyce, 38, and son, Darion, nine, were with him at the hospital.

A 91.3FM spokesman confirmed that the CT scan was clear and the MRI scan was to check for blood clots in his brain.

Monteiro said that his leg began feeling numb at about 8am, halfway through the show. Despite it spreading upwards till a feeling of heaviness eventually developed in his head, the 91.3FM funnyman decided to continue working.

He said: "After the show at 10am, I chaired a meeting with the crew (of The Married Men show) for about an hour. It's a new year and we needed to discuss the direction of things.



"Everything still felt surreal and I apologised to them on several occasions when I had to pause to find the words. Everything took a longer time."

When he finally informed his co-hosts of what he calls a "strange feeling" in his right leg and arm, Hoeden immediately drove him to the hospital.

At first, they went to a private hospital in the east, where Monteiro lives. But he found the cost of admission and for an MRI scan too expensive and they then went to SGH.

"During the car ride, I felt fine, but as soon as I stood up, the feeling (of surreality and numbness) returned. When I walked, my leg was like a pendulum," Monteiro said.

"We arrived at SGH at about 3pm and I waited in the CCU (coronary care unit) for a long time before I went for a scan and was warded."

This is not the first time the radio DJ has had health problems while on air.

On Sept 28 last year, he was in the middle of reading the sports news at about 7am when he stopped after feeling intense pain in his lower abdominal area.

The doctor later diagnosed him as having kidney stones and he was given treatment to have the stones flushed out.

The spokesman said that music director JJ will co-host The Married Men show with Hoeden and Lim during Monteiro's absence.

Monteiro said he is not sure when he can return to work but is eager to do so.

He said: "I hope the (health) checks can be done fast because I want to get back on air soon.

"I love waking up and saying, 'Good morning, Singapore'. I want to go back to entertaining Singapore."

This article was first published in The New Paper.