Doc accessed records of patients not under his care

PHOTO: Doc accessed records of patients not under his care

SINGAPORE - A doctor at KK Women's and Children's Hospital was fined $10,000 and censured by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) for accessing electronic medical records of two patients who were not under his care.

The SMC said yesterday that Dr Singh Tre'gon Randhawa, 32, pleaded guilty to six charges of professional misconduct in what is said to be the first-of-its-kind case here.

The acts with regard to the first patient were allegedly committed on three different dates in late 2007, while those involving the second patient were allegedly committed between February and June 2009.

In a written mitigation plea, Dr Singh told the SMC that he had been romantically linked to both patients.

His break-up with the first patient in 2006 was not amicable and she threatened him repeatedly. In late 2006, he started seeing the second patient and disclosed to her details of his relationship with the first patient.

Dr Singh later learnt that the first patient was seeking treatment for a suspected sexually transmitted disease. Out of concern for his own health, he accessed the first patient's records.

When Dr Singh broke up with the second patient, she, too, threatened him.

He accessed the second patient's records to find out when she would have appointments, so as to avoid running into her at the hospital.

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