Doctor suspended, fined for professional misconduct

PHOTO: Doctor suspended, fined for professional misconduct

SINGAPORE - A general practitioner has been suspended and fined by the Singapore Medical Council for professional misconduct, which includes inappropriate prescriptions and improper maintenance of patient case notes.

The Straits Times reported that Dr Tan Keok Kuan, 49, was found to have inappropriately prescribed the addictive medicines Subutex and Stilnox to his patients.

Subutex is a drug used for the treatment of heroin addicts and Stilnox is used for the treatment of insomnia.

Subutex was labelled a controlled drug in 2006 - which means it is an offence to import, distribute, possess or consume it - after it was found that drug addicts were abusing it.

Dr Tan was also found guilty of failing to formulate any management plan for the treatment of his patients and not maintaining proper case notes on his patients' conditions.

He was found guilty of eight charges, and suspended for three months.

He was also fined S$3,000 and will have to bear costs of the proceedings.