Doctors find gold in man's gut

PHOTO: Doctors find gold in man's gut

MALAYSIA - Doctors operating on a 63-year-old New Delhi businessman were shocked when they found 12 gold wafers weighing 396g inside his abdomen.

Malaysia Nanban reported that the man was admitted to a hospital on April 9, seeking surgery to remove a "foreign metal".

His family claimed that he had swallowed a water bottle cap in a fit of anger.

As it turned out, the man had swallowed the gold wafers, each weighing 33g and whose total value amounted to Rs1.2mil (S$24,900), to smuggle them into the country from Singapore 10 days ago.

His problem began when he could not pass them out naturally.

He tried everything from drinking lots of fluids to using laxatives but the wafers stayed inside him, causing him pain.

A senior surgeon said it was a high-risk operation as the patient had had four operations in the past.

Two hours into the surgery, everyone in the operating theatre was stunned to discover the gold wafers.

The surgeon said reports were made with the police and customs authorities, who seized the gold.