Donations call for ‘fur child’ Lili’s treatment in Shanghai

Six-year-old Liu Jiangli, also known as Lili, was born with a coating of black fur on the left side of her face and across 60 per cent of the rest of her body.

All throughout her life, she has been taunted and bullied for her peculiar appearance. She has not been able to make friends of her own age as the other children all run away from her.

However, now she is being offered a chance at a new life.

According to China Smack, the reporter who originally broke the story, Xu Zebin from Guiyang, is tying up with a charity for Chinese children, Angel Mom Foundation, to raise 120 000 RMB (S$24,140) for her to undergo treatment at a hospital in Shanghai.

According to volunteer Anjuer from the foundation, Lili will be arriving in Shanghai on July 28 and going to Shanghai Number 9 People's Hospital for treatment.

Kind hearted strangers located in Shanghai who wish to donate can do so by contacting Anjuer directly at 13764066173, China Smack reported.

For those with Chinese bank accounts, they can donate through China Charities Aid Foundation for Children online.

Interested donors not familiar with the Chinese language or without a Chinese bank account can donate through an American charity called A Life A Time Foundation.

Donation options are either through cheques or PayPal account transfer. More details as to how to donate are located here.

As Lili is not listed on the website, China Smack recommends that donors specify Angel Mom Foundation and Liu Jiangli as the intended recipients of the donations.

For more information, prospective donors may want to email the foundation at for additional instructions.

Lili made headlines earlier in this month when pictures of her covered in black fur and spots went viral.

Difficult life

Abandoned and taunted

She was just two when her mother walked out on her, shortly before her father abandoned her at nursery school.

The nursery made newspaper announcements to find the toddler's relatives, after her looks terrified the other children.

Months later, Jiangli was finally taken by Mr Liu Mingying, grandfather of one of her cousins. An employee of a repair shop in Guiyang had seen the ad by chance and had called Mr Liu to inform him.

If her odd appearance did not frightened fellow children to tears, other children would either run away or tease her for her peculiar looks, which earned her the less-than-friendly nickname of 'little monkey.'

According to the reporter, Jiangli was constantly seen scratching the black spots while photographs were being taken of her.

She told the reporter that the spots itch, but don't hurt. Playfully, she used a finger to count the spots, but upon counting to five, she said she didn't know how to count further.

Jiangli has not been diagnosed yet, but some speculate she has hypertrichosis universalis, colloquially known as 'werewolf syndrome.' It is believed to be an extremely rare condition that affects one in a billion people.

There is no cure for any congenital forms of hypertrichosis, although it can be reduced through normal hair removal techniques.