Donations pour in but worries remain for girl in sugarcane juicer accident

SINGAPORE - Since the news broke of her accident, readers have contacted The New Paper to offer cash donations to Yvonne's family.

Others have also started fund-raising drives to send money their way.

We understand that her school, Guangyang Secondary School, has started a fund-raising effort.

In a letter to parents and students, principal Benjamin Kwok said that the donations are voluntary and the money will be handed to Yvonne's family to help defray her medical costs.

He also addressed the school regarding the incident during the first assembly of the new school year.

Says Mr Kwok: "The school is in contact with her during this period and will continue to support her when she returns to school."

Others have also started their own drives to raise funds for the family.

Says Madam Lee Buay Huay, 47, who runs the stall beside Mr Tan's: "Now that their stall is not open, it must be a very difficult time for the family.

"(The hawkers here) have pooled together some money to help them."

During his visit last Sunday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong told the family to not worry about the hospital bill, The Straits Times reported.

But for Yvonne, it is not the money that she is worried about.

She does not know what her Secondary 3 class is as the accident happened before her semester started.

She is also worried about falling behind in her studies.

"I want to recover quickly. I want to get out (of the hospital). It's boring here," she says.

When told about the outpouring of concern from Singaporeans, Yvonne said she is grateful and humbled.

"I feel quite paiseh (embarrassed). I want to thank everyone for supporting me through what is probably the toughest time of my life so far," she says.

Just before we left the hospital, Mr Tan, who had been standing beside his daughter throughout the interview, put his arms around this reporter.

Quietly, he said that while the accident was unfortunate, it did remind him of one thing.

"I'm lucky to have her as a daughter," he says simply.

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