Don't be swayed by unproven medical 'evidence'

PHOTO: Don't be swayed by unproven medical 'evidence'

I concur with Dr Andy Ho's observations ("It's foolish and dangerous to avoid vaccines").

I am concerned that many people are acting on the wrong premises when making decisions that affect their health and well-being.

For example, there are well-educated individuals with severe hypertension who avoid medication for fear of the side-effects, wrongly believing that exercise and diet can "cure" them.

Similarly, there are individuals with high levels of "bad" cholesterol who wrongly assume that exercise alone is the answer to their problem.

Sadly, I have seen some of these individuals subsequently afflicted by strokes and heart attacks.

There is a tendency to blindly believe what certain celebrities attest to, or "impressive" testimonies on certain products or treatments.

It is important to recognise that only evidence-based studies, undertaken by genuine medical researchers, can be deemed reliable.

Hearsay, even by individuals with titles tacked onto their names, can be wrong.

I urge people to examine medical evidence carefully and not be swayed by reports that spark fear and cause the very negative effects they were concerned about in the first place.

Letter from Quek Koh Choon (Dr)