Dying drug addict records his last 19 days alive

PHOTO: Dying drug addict records his last 19 days alive

From April 18 to May 6, during the long rainy season of China's South coast, a dying drug addict allowed a Chinese reporter to record the last 19 days of his life.

He told the reporter that when he was 12 years old, his father died. His mother then took his younger sister and brother and moved to Shenzhen, leaving him behind.

When he turned 14, young and arrogant, he found an older man to become his "big brother", and became involved in illegal activities two years later.

He drove motor boats between Huizhou and Hong Kong waters, smuggling illegal items to and fro. Doing four runs a day, he had enough money for all his needs, and he started becoming greedy.

After sun down every day, he would enter the beguiling world of drugs and sex, ignorant of how dangerous it was.

Reaching the heights of his riches, he said he became proud and lazy. In 2005, he went into the seafood trade in Guangzhou, earning himself 2 million yuan (S$405,262), which he turned all into needles and drugs.

His money soon disappeared, and he became a shadow of his old self, returning to the crime scene to engage in robbery and theft.

On April 18, penniless and alone, the aorta in his right leg burst, spraying blood onto the wall and frightening him badly.

A long life of evil deeds had left him with little recourse of help. So within his dilapidated home, he decided to just wait for death to come.

Last final days

Last final days

On the night of April 26, he began using pen and paper to write down his final moments.

"My name is Wu Guilin, male, 30 years old," he wrote. He said he wanted to use this to warn other people not to make the wrong choices.

His wound continued to fester, and he was sent to the hospital. However, the hospital said that there was no longer anything they could do for him

He continued to receive drugs from a fellow user, but said he injected drugs solely to blunt the pain in his body.

After every dose of heroin pumped into his body, he would say: "I now no longer feel pain."

May 6, he was dead even before being rushed to the hospital on a stretcher. The last sentence in the diary he had left behind was left unfinished - left hanging without a full stop.

His last wish went unanswered too. "I'm prepared to die," he wrote. "But my mother is not willing to see me for the final time."

The mother who left Wu Guilin 18 years ago told the reporter that she was afraid.

On May 10, he lay cold and dead in the number 45 freezer of the Huidong county mortuary, with his body tagged as "unknown".

After identification by the journalist, the tag on the freezer locker is changed to "Wu Guilin".