Eat now, sweat later

Kueh Bahulu

It is the festive season and you are in the mood to indulge.

We don't want to be the Hari Raya Grinch and preach abstinence from the wealth of treats available.

Besides, being a worrywart when you are visiting may seem a tad rude, considering the spread that is usually offered.

But, yes, you can have too much of a good thing.

Ms Agnes Wong, a dietitian from National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, told The New Paper: "Eat in moderation - it's the key to staying healthy this festive season."

And if you want to enjoy these treats, be prepared to work hard for them.

The amount of activity needed to burn off calories depends on your body weight.

There are also online apps that can help you to determine the type of exercise and how long it takes to burn those excess calories.

Using information from dietitians, National University Hospital and Health Promotion Board, here is a list of Hari Raya snacks, their calorie content and how much you would have to sweat to work it off.


The addictive snack's small size makes it easy to lose track of how many you are eating. Sadly, these are also high in calories.

45g packet

228 calories

Time to work it off:

39 mins low impact aerobics

26 mins cycling

65 mins walking

All timings based on 70kg person


The main ingredients in these mini sponge cakes are flour, eggs, sugar. Just five will take a half hour of aerobics to dance off.

9g per piece

34 calories

Time to work it off:

6 mins low impact aerobics

4 mins cycling

10 mins walking


Literally translated as "prosperous cakes," these cookies are filled with chopped peanuts and covered with icing sugar. Yes, they can help make you look prosperous - abdominally.

11g per piece

57 calories

Time to work it off:

9 mins low impact aerobics

6.5 mins cycling

16 mins walking


Pineapple paste, sugar, eggs and a pastry that contains plenty of butter. Who could resist?

20g per piece

82 calories

Time to work it off:

14 mins low impact aerobics

10 mins cycling

23 mins walking


Not as filling as the kueh, their hollow nature makes them seem not as bad to the weight watchers. But looks (and love) can be deceiving.

15g per piece

56 calories

Time to work it off:

9 mins low impact aerobics

6.5 mins cycling

16 mins walking


These melt-in-your-mouth cookies are heavy on the sugar and coconut milk.

6g per piece

23 calories

Time to work it off:

4 mins low impact aerobics

3 mins cycling

7 mins walking


This may have Indian origins, but it is popular during Hari Raya, too. Crossing cultures sadly does not cut the calories.

60g serving

300 calories

Time to work it off:

50 mins low impact aerobics

34 mins cycling

86 mins walking


Vegetables, beancurd and rice cakes served in a delicious coconut base gravy.

Be prepared for quite a long walk.

775g one serving

798 calories

Time to work it off:

133 mins low impact aerobics

92 mins cycling

230 mins walking

Calorie burning activities:

This article was first published on July 17 2015.
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