'Extreme diets don't work': Hot bods of the week

Lawrence Lim, 40


Height: 1.69m

Weight: 70kg

Exercise regimen: I alternate between a mix of cardio and strength-conditioning exercises in a week, and make sure my exercise routine is constant.

I give my body a day of rest in a week.

On Sundays, I attend a four-hour kayaking course where I get extra cardio exercise and work on my upper-body conditioning.

Diet: I've been through extreme diets where one eats nothing or overloads on one full meal to last the day, and I can say they don't work.

Nowadays, I go for smaller but regular meals, and top up with healthy snacks like nuts and fruits throughout the day.

And no supper for me.

Germin Yeo, 29

Yoga teacher

Height: 1.67m

Weight: 52kg

Exercise regimen: I practise yoga daily, which tones my legs and helps with coordination, balance and flexibility.

It usually lasts between 10 and 75 minutes, depending on how much time I can spare.

I attend pilates class once a week for an hour to strengthen my core, and also head for the indoor rock-climbing gym at least two to three times a week where I do a mix of high wall and bouldering to strengthen my arms.

Diet: Climbing can be quite demanding on the body so I need more protein for muscle recovery. But I'm not a meat fan.

Instead, I turn to vegetables with a high level of protein, such as broccoli and spinach.

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