Fake doctor worked in 13 hospitals in Japan

Miyabi Kuroki, who was arrested on suspicion of conducting health checks in Itabashi Ward, Tokyo, though he did not have a doctor's license, also posed as a doctor in at least 13 hospitals and clinics in Tokyo and three prefectures since 2009, according to police.

The Metropolitan Police Department arrested the unemployed man in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, alleging he conducted medical health checks on about 10 residents in Takashimadaira Central General Hospital in Itabashi Ward, Tokyo.

Police found Kuroki, 43, also impersonated a licensed doctor and conducted medical heath checks in eight medical institutions in Tokyo, three in Kanagawa Prefecture and one each in Nagano and Chiba prefectures.

The MPD will also send a charge to prosecutors on suspicion that Kuroki conducted medical practices without a license, in violation of the Medical Practitioners Law.

Although he was not a licensed doctor, he was employed as a part-time doctor in all the institutions.

In one medical institution in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, he had worked as a doctor for about 240 days.

The police plan to refer to prosecutors the cases in the other hospitals.

The police said Kuroki admitted the allegations and said, "I worked as a doctor for more than 500 days in total."

According to investigations, including one conducted by the Yokohama city government, he conducted health checks on a total of at least 18,000 people.