Firemen called to remove ring from man's penis

Firefighters attempting to remove ring from the man's penis. Photo courtesy of Fire and Rescue department Malaysia.
PHOTO: Firemen called to remove ring from man's penis

PETALING JAYA - The Kota Baru firefighters showed that they were up for any task called upon them when they removed a steel ring stuck to a man's penis.

Zaki Ismail, who is from the fire station, said they received a call from the emergency room of the Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital at about 7.25am on Sunday.

Zaki said the ring, which was made out of stainless steel, looked like a vehicle spare part.

When asked how the ring got stuck in the man's penis, he said he was unsure and did not have the details.

"We were concentrating on our job of getting the ring out from the man's penis.

"The man was also unconscious at the time," he told the Star Online Monday.

Zaki said the hospital did not have the right tools for the procedure and that it was out of their scope under the law.

"Under section 341 of the Fire Services Act 1988, we were allowed to perform the rescue," he said adding that it took about an hour to perform the procedure.

He said they took the Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV), which is used by firefighters when attending to accidents.

"We had to go back to the station to get the right tools to perform the procedure," he said.

He added that while removing rings from fingers was common, this was the first time he came across a ring stuck on a penis.

"You can't have shaky hands and you have to be very confident while performing the procedure," he said.