Flash mob lies down for surprise nap at Raffles Place

PHOTO: Flash mob lies down for surprise nap at Raffles Place

The lunch time working crowd passing by Raffles Place MRT station were treated to an odd site when about 90 people dressed in casual clothes suddenly lay down to take a nap.

The flash mob, made up of young adults ranging from eighteen years of age to late-twenties, came out of nowhere on a ring of an alarm clock and 'slept' for about three minutes at about 12.30pm today.

After the short nap on the grass patch right outside Chevron House, the alarm bell rang again and the group got up and dispersed as quietly as they arrived.

Organised in celebration of World Sleep Day 2012, which falls on March 16, the supporters were gathered by The Singapore Sleep Society as part of their "Sleep an Hour More Movement".

The movement aims to get Singaporeans to switch off their mobile phone, computers and TV, and tuck in early tonight.

The participants were secretly recruited mainly through word-of-mouth by friends and relatives, and shared through social networks such as Facebook.

On behalf of The Singapore Sleep Society, Sophia Ang from Rubix Cube Communications said they had chosen the grass patch as they wanted to reach out to a large crowd in a public space.

The central business district location was chosen as they wanted to conduct the flash mob on a weekday.

They appear to have achieved their objective. During the three minutes, dozens of commuters stopped and gathered around to stare at the strange sight, and many whipped out their handphones to take pictures and videos.

Despite the stares, the participants appeared unfazed, with one even quipping after the event that a "three minute nap is way too short."