Floating yoga: The new yoga fad to hit S'pore

Suspended mid-air on a hammock with your feet in stirrups, looking like a puppet on strings or a flaying trapeze.

This is floating yoga, the latest form of yoga in Singapore. It joins a long list of other yoga fads that include hot yoga, lunar flow yoga and even baby yoga.

Offered exclusively at the newly-opened Celebrity Fitness gym at Rochester Mall near Buona Vista, floating yoga is an exercise program developed by the gym's Fitness Development Director, John J Sweeney. It was first launched in the Jakarta branch of the fitness chain in June 2011.

"In the hammock there is no pressure whatsoever. Not everybody has a lot of flexibility, or core strength. With this thing they feel more secure, no matter what the exercise. No matter if you have joint problem, cervical problem or any problem, there is no pressure there is no pain,” explained Floating Yoga instructor Xabier Fabrega Pujol.

It also claims to relieve compressed joints and improve body alignment while strengthening abdominal muscles.


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