Flocking to southern Thailand for sex pills

A sex enhancement pill from Thailand that is believed to make men "as strong as a King Kong" has become a popular attraction among Malaysian tourists in Betong, Southern Thailand, reported Harian Metro.

"Many have tried it and kept returning to take back some more to Malaysia," said one pharmaceutical shop owner in Yala.

A reporter, who went undercover as an interested buyer, was given various options on sexual enhancers from the 50-year-old seller, who claimed that the pill was much better than popular brands imported from the United States.

The shop owner, who wanted to be known as "Bhicai", said the sex pills were sold from as low as 30 baht (RM3) to 200 baht (RM20) a pill.

"Many Malaysian tourists who come to Betong will buy the pills. The pills do not have expiry dates and are guaranteed to give long-­lasting satisfaction," claimed Bhicai.

"It is not just for young men. Most of my customers are quite old," he added.