Foods that lower the risk of breast cancer

PHOTO: Foods that lower the risk of breast cancer

A healthy diet can work its magic against breast cancer. With good nutrition and weight management, breast cancer can be prevented as well as the recurrence of the disease by 67 per cent*. Here is a list of super foods that may enhance breast health and boosts the immune system.


Sulforaphane that is found in these tiny tree-looking vegetables is found to help prevent the spread of breast cancer if it occurs, hence blocking tumour growth.


Apigenin, a compound abundant in parsley and celery, assists to inhibit breast cancer cell growth and increases the immunity to develop cancerous tumours.


Having high antioxidant levels, plums and peaches contain polyphenols that can help to get rid of breast cancer cells and at the same time, leaves healthy cells unharmed.


Anti-inflammatory properties such as omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts may help to slow the growth of breast cancer tumours even after diagnosis.


Barley, lentils, peas and artichokes have possible anti-cancer nutrition benefits. Increasing your fibre intake can help decrease the risk of breast cancer.

Some methods of cooking should be avoided entirely. Grilled meat may taste delicious but think twice because it can significantly increase breast cancer risk. The high heat of grilling causes the meat to create heterocyclic amines that are linked to cancer. Also, cancer-causing compounds are produced when grilling meat as the meat juices drips and comes into contact with the charcoal, which will then rise in smoke and stick to the meat.

*According to Holly Pevzner in 2011 for EatingWell magazine and Cheryl L. Rock, Ph.D., R.D., professor of family and preventive medicine at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine, [2011].