Former Miss Korea admits to getting liposuction after weight-loss fails

A Korean former beauty queen has revealed that she underwent liposuction after she failed to lose weight after trying out several methods.

She added that she later found out that she had undergone cosmetic surgery at an unlicensed clinic, when she felt an 'aching pain' in her thighs even though she was under anesthesia.

Kim Ji-yeon, who is now a broadcaster, made the admission on the 'Secret Garden' talk show on Sunday. She spoke about the pressure that her weight - she weighed over 70kg - was putting on her mental well-being, reported Korea JoongAng Daily.

"After the end of the Miss Korea pageant (in 1997, which she won), I weighed over 70 kilograms at one point and I had to be on a diet all the time."

"I was so stressed from being overweight; there were no diet measures I didn't try," she said.

She had looked back at the time when she was competing in the pageant, where she was at her skinniest.

"After that, I was never under 60 kilograms until recently, as I now weigh [little less than 60]," she said.

She tried to shed the kilos by trying out different weight-watch programmes but when that failed, she decided to seek cosmetic correction in the form of liposuction instead.

"I was sedated with anesthetics, but I still felt aching pain in my thighs, and I just got up shouting that it hurts too much," she said, adding that she didn't know that she was in a clinic with no legal license to practice such surgery.

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Battle with bulimia

Battle with bulimia

Earlier this year, she also spoke out about her battle with bulimia.

She said that when she was little, she was chubbier than her classmates, adding that she could finish five or six bags of chips in one sitting, . reported that Kim revealed that s he started her first diet after seeing herself in a graduation photo. Her method of dieting by eating nothing but "coffee milk" caused her to faint from anemia instead of resulting in any concrete weight loss.

Her drastic dieting method also caused her to develop an explosive appetite and she became hooked on carbohydrates.

As her status as a former beauty queen, her relevations have often been met with surprise and disbelief from other people. She also said that she is under the constant pressure of thinking people may think she is lazy if she gains too much weight.

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