Formerly conjoined twin thanks doctor after growing up

A young man in Chongqing has thanked the doctors who conducted the successful operation to separate him and his conjoined twin brother 19 years ago, Chongqing Morning Post reported on Tuesday.

In 1996, Gu Qiao and his brother were born joined at the chest, with several deformed organs. They were sent to Xinqiao hospital in Chongqing for the surgery.

Before their case, there had been no successful attempts to separate conjoined twins.

The hospital organised a rescue team to analyse the brothers' condition and decided to risk the dangerous surgery.

The operation, which involved more than one hundred doctors in the hospital, lasted over ten hours, and successfully separated the brothers.

Although Gu Qiao and his brother both survived the surgery, his brother died one month later due to a congenital heart anomaly.

Now, the 19-year-old, who was just admitted to university, expressed his gratitude to the doctors, saying he just wanted to thank all the people who had ever helped him.

Gu Qiao also said he wanted to be a volunteer for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.