Get enough sleep during Ramadhan, Muslims told

Ustaz Dr Hj Ismuhadi speaking during the Islamic forum.

Getting enough sleep during the fasting month of Ramadhan is important so that productivity in the workplace will not be affected.

"Civil servants and employees in the private sectors must plan a better schedule during the fasting period to maintain their productivity level, said an invited speaker from Islamic Da'wah Centre during the Islamic forum conducted by the Kampung Setia Ali Mosque in Muara.

During the presentation, Ustaz Dr Hj Ismuhadi Hj Abdullah stressed the importance of having a proper schedule during the fasting month to avoid fatigue when working during the day.

"Make a proper plan so that you will have time with your family as well as time to do your work," said the ustaz.

He advised Muslims to practice Tahajjud Prayer (night prayer), which is done voluntarily between midnight and 3 in the morning.

"Those who never done so should try out this year. It may sound tiring to wake up in the middle of the night to perform the night prayer." However, the brief prayer, which is like a form of exercise of moving your limbs in the middle of the night, will energise you during the day, said the ustaz.

"To make sure you wake up for the night prayer, you need to sleep early. After your Taraweeh prayer, make it a habit to sleep early and wake up early. That way, your body will get enough energy," he said.

Meanwhile, Pg Hj Rusman Pg Hj Shahbudin from the Setia Ali Mosque said an individual with better time management is a productive person.

"When you have enough sleep at night, you will not get angry at work. You will not be grumpy and become a productive individual for the society."