Get fit for CNY: The best workout for your zodiac sign

The Chinese zodiac isn't just used to predict your fortune for the year ahead.

We came up with the best ways to burn off your Lunar New Year calories based on your animal sign!


As a rooster, you're analytical and straightforward. You love details and lean towards the conservative side. Do yoga to bring out the perfectionist in you. Every pose must be executed with precision, and that is definitely your niche.


The most trustworthy of all animals, you're honest and reliable with an even temperament and sensitive side. Join a team sport such as Ultimate Frisbee to showcase your loyalty.


Being a pig doesn't mean sleeping all day! You enjoy the finer things in life and make great companions. A barre class will bring out your poise. Or, since you like helping others, explore partner classes like Acroyoga, where you'll have to (literally) rely on one another.


Rats are known to be quick-witted, charming and always up for a challenge. High intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions will test your limits and amp up your spirit.


You're tough, steadfast, hardworking and serious. Go for Bodycombat, which requires both vigour and strength. Your detail-oriented side will also show through since you'll have to learn the moves accurately.


Tigers are brave, ambitious and intense. Step out of your comfort zone and try your hand at Parkour. It's a workout that requires loads of courage and determination, a perfect fit for you!


As you enjoy being surrounded by your friends and family, attend Zumba classes with them. You will undoubtedly enjoy this light-hearted workout that is fun yet burns lots of calories.


Feed your competitive spirit and sign up for spinning. Dragons are bursting with energy and this rigorous sport is just what you need. Classes that display your performance on a big screen fire you up.


Elegant and determined, pole dancing will make a great workout for snakes. Pole dancing requires one to look graceful despite the tricky moves, and you absolutely have the ability to do that!


Horses love to travel, roam free and are full of energy. And the best workout to fulfil all three is running. Running can be done anywhere, letting you explore new areas. You also like company, so form a running group with your buddies.


As a goat, you are a wanderer and enjoy solitude. Lace up your shoes and go hiking! Immersing yourself in nature lets you clear your mind and relax, plus you'll be sweating it out at the same time.


This fun-loving creature is always energetic but sometimes lacks self-control. CrossFit will train you to be more disciplined. At the same time, this intense workout will match your high levels of adrenaline!

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