Get tailored phone alerts with blood donation app

PHOTO: Get tailored phone alerts with blood donation app

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has launched a new set of digital tools on their Facebook (FB) page to better engage and make it easier for donors to give blood.

The tools include a Life Line function application where donors put down their blood type to receive tailored notifications on their mobile phones alerting them to donate when the blood bank needs their blood type.

The application, available at the FB address, also provides information to help donors find out the current blood stock available for each blood type in the blood bank.

The FB page also has a booking engine for donors to make direct appointments with the blood bank, informational quizzes and corporate toolkits providing information on organising blood drives.

The corporate toolkits also provide corporations with downloadable templates, information organisers and publicity materials for organising a blood drive.

These digital tools are part of a SRC campaign titled "Start Your Day Saving Lives", timed to coincide with the festive season to remind people to give others the gift of life, SRC said.

SRC said only about 1.8 per cent of Singapore's residential population are blood donors.

With the launch of these online tools, SRC hops to make it easier and faster for interested donors to connect with SRC and donate blood, said Cecilia Tan, Director of the Blood Donor Recruitment Programme.

Everyday, 350 units of blood are required by all the hospitals in Singapore, which is needed not only in emergencies but also to sustain the lives of patients who require regular blood transfusions.

These include those with cancer, leukaemia, haemophilia, thalassemia, patients with bleeding disorders and those undergoing major surgery.