Getai star Liu Lingling loses 10kg after giving birth at age 50

SINGAPORE - Getai star Liu Lingling was almost unrecognisable at a film event on Thursday morning, having lost 10kg in the past month.

The 50-year-old made headlines late last month after giving birth to her first child, a son whom she calls Xiang Xiang.

At the filming commencement ceremony for her upcoming movie Filial Party, Liu was the centre of attraction despite the presence of other household names such as co-stars Mark Lee, Ann Kok, Irene Ang and Richard Low.

She was her usual bubbly self, but looked significantly smaller compared to her famously full figure in the past. She now weighs 73kg. She attributes the weight loss to round-the-clock babycare duties.

"I don't get much sleep now. Whenever he cries, I have to go and check on him before I can go back to sleep again," she told reporters in Mandarin.

The baby was conceived via artificial insemination, but she declined to reveal the identity of the father. Past reports said she has been married to a businessman for 15 years, but the couple are estranged.

Liu declined to reveal the baby's surname too. "I know everyone is very interested in that, but I'd rather keep that private. Anyway, you can have your name legally changed, so he may do that when he grows up."

Filial Party is slated for release next year (2014).

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