Girl, 17, eats nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years

PHOTO: Girl, 17, eats nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years

A 17-year-old girl in the UK has eaten nothing but chicken nuggets since she turned two years old.

Earlier this week Stacey Irvine was rushed to the hospital when she collapsed after struggling to breathe.

The Daily Mail reported that doctors found that her 15-year chicken nugget addiction has left her with anaemia and inflamed veins on her tongue.

She had to be injected with vitamins and nutrients as her body lacked the required amounts.

The UK-based newspaper reported that Irvine has been prescribed a course of vitamins and is recuperating at home.

The teenager told the paper that she has never tasted fresh fruit or vegetables and has been hooked on chicken nuggets since her mother let her try them when she was two years old.

Her mother, Evonne, tried everything to get Irvine to vary her diet including depriving her of food. She also told her daughter that she can die if she continues eating the nuggets.

Evonne soon gave up when the tactics did not work.

Irvine, who works in a factory, says she tries to vary her diet occasionally with, not fruits or vegetables, but potato chips or toast.

She says she also likes to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken and processed food from the supermarkets.

Irvine confesses that McDonald's chicken nuggets are her favourite. She has nuggets for her main meals and sometimes shares 20 pieces and fries with her boyfriend.

UK-based tabloid, The Sun, reported that after her scare at the hospital, Irvine is now starting to believe that her nugget diet is harming her health.

According to YourHealth's calorie checker, 20 pieces of chicken nuggets contains 928 calories, 58g of fat, 80g of cholesterol and 2,080 mg of sodium.

This exceeds the recommended 56g daily fat allowance and is almost half of the adult guidance of 2,000 calories.