Girl, 6, in critical condition after bacterial infection

PHOTO: Girl, 6, in critical condition after bacterial infection

SINGAPORE - A six-year-old girl has been warded in an intensive care unit and is fighting for her life after a bacterial infection caused her heart to swell up.

Lisa Ho started running a high fever on Monday, Shin Min Daily News reported.

The Chinese daily said her aunt, who gave her name as Madam Ho, took her to a doctor the next day. The doctor prescribed her medicine and told her to rest.

By Wednesday, Lisa had started to throw up violently, and Madam Ho and her husband rushed her to the National University Hospital.

Doctors there then told them that Joy had a bacterial infection.

The next few days will determine whether Lisa, who has been put on a breathing tube, makes it.

The primary one pupil is being cared for by Madam Ho, 46, and her husband, who have been keeping vigil by her side. They are also her caretakers, as both Lisa's parents are in jail.

Her mother has been in jail for the past two years for drug usage and will be released this year.

Her father was jailed last year for smuggling cigarettes. It is unclear when he will be released.

Lisa has been under the care of her aunt since she was a year old as her parents have been jailed several times for a variety of offences.

Madam Ho said Lisa even refers to her as "mummy" and her husband as "daddy".

However, they have been facing difficulties in gaining legal guardianship of their niece, the couple said. They have hired a lawyer to help them handle the adoption procedures.

But to the family, all this takes backseat in view of Lisa's current condition.

Madam Ho told The Straits Times that right now, all they want is for Lisa to recover.

"If she doesn't even get better, all this will mean nothing to us," she said.