Girl born with 'elephant trunk' hailed in India for resembling a god

PHOTO: Girl born with 'elephant trunk' hailed in India for resembling a god

People have been flocking to northen India to see someone they deem a miracle.

A baby girl was born last month (March) with a facial deformity that resembles an elephant trunk.

The protrusion in the middle of her face separates her nose and resembles Lord Ganesha (the God of success who has an elephant's head on a human body), they said.

There's something divine at work, they claim.

So people rejoiced when the yet-to-be-named girl was born, singing and dancing in the streets.

They have also gone to her home of Aligarh, in the Uttar Pradesh province to give offerings and pay their respects.

New York Daily News reported that she has been hailed as the reincarnation of a god in her hometown.

Doctors said the girl's deformity was likely caused by a gene mutation and possible malnutrition.

The girl's father Om Prakash, who makes less than $10 a day as a fruit seller, hopes that his daughter will bring the family of six good luck - because they desperately need it.

His wife Sarvesh is said to be still recovering from the birth.

The family can choose to have the baby girl undergo corrective surgery when she is older but it is still unclear if they will do so.

Source: New York Daily News

This article was first published on April 2, 2015.
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