From girl with triple chin to slender beauty

Laura Patricia, who inspired netizens in Singapore with her dramatic weight loss photos , has revealed photos of her much younger, vastly different self from 10 years ago.

Stomp contributor Kayley noticed Laura's latest facebook post showing her dramatic transformation, which she said is inspiring.

The Stomp contributor said: "Using facebook as a platform to inspire changes for the better, Laura posted this photo of herself.

"It shows her when she was 10 years old (left) and when she was 20 years old (right)."

Laura Patricia first attracted the attention of netizens when she shared her weight loss journey on facebook and how she was inspired to lose weight after she received nasty comments from her school mates.

The Indonesia-born beauty lost more than 30kg in the short span of a year and three months. She slimmed down from a high of more than 80kg to 48kg at her lightest, and now weighs a svelte 58kg.

She later revealed an even more shocking aspect to her journey to self confidence - that she turned anorexic when she took her weight loss obsession too far.

"I personally know how to lose weight the healthy way. But from normal weight to underweight, it required a much more inhumane method, like only eating a few bites for each meal," she said.

To maintain her BMI of 17.8, she only allowed herself to eat one meal a day and a snack twice a day. To distract herself from feeling hungry, she start modelling. This exacerbated the problem as it pushed her to lose more weight because all the girls in the industry were that skinny or skinner. Worse, her body started breaking down as it lost its stores of vital nutrients. Her hair started falling out, her skin became flaky, her breasts shrunk, she stopped menstruating and she started having poor coordination and this resulted in her falling down easily.

The most terrible thing was the bouts of depression that hit her. " I felt fatter than when I was 82kg whenever I looked at myself in the mirror. I felt so ugly as if I'm not worthy to stay on planet earth because I'm just wasting resources. I developed anxiety whenever my legs touched my shorts or when my school skirt didn't feel loose," she said.

Her health finally recovered when her parents noticed the problem and took her to an expert - an act that might have saved her life.

Today she is healthy and happy, and advises others battling their weight to not listen to others if they know their weight is within the healthy range.

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