A girl's journey through plastic surgery

PHOTO: A girl's journey through plastic surgery

An Asian girl posted pictures of herself before and after plastic surgery to show the result of her transformation. Netizens are stunned and say she looks much prettier after the surgery.

The pictures, believed to belong to a Korean girl, show her removing her bandage after she had healed. She reveals her 'brand new' look to the camera and seems pleased with the result.

A netizen, who sent in the pictures to citizen journalism website Stomp, was amazed at the girl's beauty after the surgery.

'Fanplastic' said, "Look at how beautiful this girl turned out to be after her plastic surgery!

"The procedure she had to go through definitely looks painful, but the end result is quite amazing."

However, some netizens were sceptical of the girl's transformation.

"The photos of post surgery might have been photoshop-ed," said reader 'experienced' on the AsiaOne forums. "It is impossilbe the girl's face turns smooth in just few weeks. Plastic surgery also will leave scar at your face."