Gnawing problem of 'rat urine disease' in Malaysia

PETALING JAYA - Many people frequent the hawker stalls and restaurants in the Sentosa commercial and business hub in Section 17 here, oblivious to the alarming rat infestation in the area.

A probe team from The Star visited the area recently to see how bad the rat problem there was and we were shocked to see so many of these disease carrying rodents scurrying about.

The monsoon drain along Jalan 17/38, opposite a mamak restaurant was teeming with rodents of various sizes.

The rubbish that was thrown into the drain supply these rodents with the food the thriving colony of rodents need.

Worse, the rodents were not just confined to the drain but were also seen scaling the walls of the drain to forage for food at the restaurant.

At the back of the restaurant, there were a number of rats crawling out of the drain and digging through the garbage in search of food.

A walk down the road to the nearby night hawker area also proved scary and one would have to watch his step to avoid the rodents scampering near the car park area in search of scraps left by the hawkers.

A wet and dry market operates in the morning at the same spot where the hawkers set up their stalls at night, and although garbage trucks come often to collect the rubbish, the rodent population continues to thrive there.

However, at popular eateries in upscale Bangsar, no rats were spotted.