Goose, duck meat also contains growth drugs: Taiwan

PHOTO: Goose, duck meat also contains growth drugs: Taiwan

The Council of Agriculture (COA) confirmed yesterday that some geese and ducks were found to be fed with growth drugs in 2011. The COA did not reveal the names of farms where the geese and ducks were found, stating that they have to make sure the Consumer Protection Act can be used as the legal basis to reveal the names of the farms before taking any action.

According to the COA, in terms of geese, two out of 374 samples from goose farms were found with leanness-enhancing drugs last year. The COA also conducted inspections of slaughterhouses, but there were no cases to be found of the leanness-enhancing drugs.

As for ducks, one out of 390 samples collected from farms were found to have growth-enhancing drugs in 2011.

According to the COA, all cases found problematic were put under tight scrutiny and fines were issued.

Huang Kuo-ching, the deputy director-general of the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, stated that before 2010 not a single instance of growth drugs was found. After 2010 a new inspection method was in practice, which is the reason why several illegal cases were found after 2010.

The new inspection method investigates farms, slaughterhouses and places where ducks and geese stay before entering slaughterhouses, where the animals were most likely to be fed with growth drugs, stated Huang.

Tsai Cheng-yuan, a Kuomintang legislator, disclosed a report from I-Mei Food Co., which indicates that several pork products were found to contain growth-drug residues. All the producers named in the I-Mei report sent their products for further investigation and all passed inspection. Tsai replied that he checked the I-Mei report carefully and he is certain about its accuracy. Tsai further stated that goose meat is also problematic and he will choose a proper time to look into the issue.