Guangxi's 'fattest man' loses 130kg after weight loss surgery

PHOTO: Guangxi's 'fattest man' loses 130kg after weight loss surgery

Wen Bishan, 39, from Guangxi, China, was once dubbed by the Chinese media as "the fattest man in Guangxi" for his weight of 225kg.

But he will no longer hold that title because he now weighs 96kg after undergoing an intense weight loss procedure.

According to Shanghaiist, 1.75m-tall man got married at the age of 24 and weighed around 150 kg then.

Wen's weight steadily started increasing after his marriage and he weighed around 235kg at his heaviest in 2011.

The man said: "I used to need a rest or two if I walked 100 meters. I liked to sit down, and when I sat down, I wanted to lie down in bed. When I was in bed, I just wanted to sleep. I was just unable to do anything at home."

Wen had previously tried to lose weight by dieting, exercising, drinking slimming tea and going for acupuncture sessions.

However, he was not persistent in his efforts and therefore failed to reach a healthy weight.

Wen told reporters that he was also afflicted with respiratory failure and kidney failure due to his obesity.

His family received warnings from the hospital about his critical condition on three separate occasions.

In March 2013, Wen, weighing 225kg, travelled to Guangzhou to undergo a weight loss surgical procedure called laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.

In the surgery, doctors removed part of his stomach and reshaped the remaining organ into a tube.

Wen said he was on a very stringent diet after the surgery, and had rice porridge, fish soup for months before he was able to eat noodles.

The man also shared his experience to encourage overweight individuals seeking help for weight loss.

He advised: "First of all, you should choose a scientific and healthy way to lose weight. Practice it under the guidance of doctors."

"Secondly, you should have an optimistic and positive attitude during the whole process, to carry out the weight loss plan consistently.

"You shouldn't rely on diet as the only means to lose weight because if you go on an extreme diet, it's not healthy."

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