Guidelines for cosmetic surgery

PHOTO: Guidelines for cosmetic surgery

PETALING JAYA - Those who opt to go to unqualified medical practitioners for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures at unregistered clinics are putting a lot at risk.

Plastic surgeons are concerned that many Malaysians still go to unqualified practitioners to have such a delicate procedure carried out.

Consultant plastic surgeon Dr Cheong Yu Wei said invasive procedures must be carried out by registered medical doctors in a proper environment to avoid unnecessary complications later.

"If the procedures are done in a registered hospital, they will be on record. If anything goes wrong, they can be held accountable and responsible for their actions," he said in an interview.

Dr Cheong urged the Government to set guidelines to regulate the industry and help the public in selecting authorised clinics and hospitals for such procedures. Also, it is important to outline who were qualified to perform certain procedures.

"There are many who promise the sky but are you sure what they say is true? Customers do not know how or where to verify," he said.

He advised the people to visit the Malaysian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic & Craniomaxillofacial Surgeons and the National Specialist Register websites to check if the names of the doctors were listed to ensure that the person conducting the procedures was qualified.

"Patients should be more vocal over their concerns and raise questions if they are apprehensive or doubtful of what they are about to undergo. Some may think it is rude or impolite to do so but it is your right to know these things.

"They should question the doctor's background, his qualifications and even his certificates. Also, ask for the brand and name of products to be used in any of the procedures and do your homework. Well-known brands will have their own websites filled with information including the contents of the products," he said.

Consultant plastic surgeon Dr Lee Kim Siea was concerned about illegal injectors and injection material used for facial fillers.

"Fillers from well-known brands usually have a better safety profile. Paying a bit more for well-known brands is worth every sen. The doctor who administers it is equally important as you can still get complications if the injector is not qualified to do it," he said.

He cautioned the public on the usage of silicone gel used as filler material as it cause severe deformities years down the line.