H7N9 influenza vaccine to hit market soon: Taiwan vaccine provider

TAIWAN - Adimmune Corp said its H7N9 influenza vaccine developed from a WHO-approved virus strain has recently passed the third phase of clinical trials, signifying the vaccine will hit the shelves anytime soon.

Adimmune is a Taiwan-based top-tier vaccine provider and Asia's only EU-GMP-certified pharmaceutical company,

Adimmune Corporation Chairman Steve Chan in April told a media briefing for the H7N9 influenza vaccine strain that the vaccine may be ready by the end of May.

"After Adimmune Corporation receives the vaccine strain," Chan said, "the company will still conduct exams on it to confirm the safety and effectiveness of producing the vaccine."

Lin Tzou-yien, deputy director of the DOH, said that using an H7N9 influenza vaccine strain provided by either the World Health Organisation or the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will shorten the time required to get the vaccine to the market.