Hairball removed from 14-year-old's stomach

Makkal Osai reported that a hairball was removed by doctors from a 14-year-old girl's stomach on Tuesday in New Delhi. The hairball had been inside the stomach for about four years.

Sukanya had been suffering from severe abdominal pain for the past four years. Her parents eventually took her to the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) where they found her abdomen to be very stiff.

Parabal Roy, a senior consultant, said a scan showed a huge mass of hair inside her stomach. He said Sukanya had eaten her hair, which eventually formed a 1.5m rope inside her entire stomach and extended into her intestines. The hair was cutting through the bowel wall and could have caused a life threatening perforation.

He said that Sukanya was suffering from Rapunzel Syndrome, a condition in which patients had a tendency to pluck off their own hair and swallow it.