A harnessed view

I didn't quite know what to expect at my first floating yoga lesson.

Would it resemble the conventional yoga classes I have attended before? And would I be a picture of grace and poise, like the models I had seen in photos?

I couldn't wait for my one-on-one session.

Celebrity Fitness' fitness manager Xabier Fabrega took me through a brief warm-up routine - sun salutations (a type of yoga exercise) and basic stretches on a regular yoga mat.

Then came the fun part - I hooked my legs around the top section of the hammock, then suspended myself from it upside-down.

Worries of losing grip and falling flashed across my mind, but they were fleeting.

The hammock's stiff, sturdy material inspired confidence, along with Mr Fabrega's steady, reassuring guidance.

OnceI got over the initial apprehension, exhilaration took over.

What I did not enjoy was the dizziness that came when I pulled myself upright, but perhaps that is part of the process.

Mr Fabrega also guided me into split - I hooked my feet through the stirrups, which helped stretch my legs apart.

This really hurt - and even though Mr Fabrega tried to get me to twist my hips to achieve the pose, I failed.

All I remember is wincing in discomfort. But with some practice, I'm sure the experience will improve.

I came away from the session well intrigued by floating yoga. I even got a few deep stretches in, which I'm pretty pleased about.

Not bad for my first shot at a new fitness routine, I reckon. Give me a few more lessons and I think I could get the hang of it (ho ho).

According to Mr Fabrega, I might even be able to tone my somewhat-flabby arms too.

This article was first published in The New Paper .