Haze returns: PSI back in the "moderate" range

SINGAPORE - Hazy conditions were reported this morning as the 3-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) rose from 47 at 7am to 55 at 10am.

This means air quality here is within the "moderate" range of 51 to 100. A range of 101 to 200 indicates air is of unhealthy levels and anything beyond 300 very unhealthy.

The 24-hour PSI stood at 28 to 38 at 10am and PM2.5 concentrations 19 to 27 μg/m3.

According to a Government health advisory released yesterday, the 24-hr PSI for today is expected to stay in the "good" band. The 24-hr PM2.5 is expected to be in-line.

For the next few days, low level winds are expected to vary between south-westerly and westerly. The intensity of haze affecting any part of a region varies due to factors such as the weather and wind conditions in the region and the inhomogeneity of the concentration of the haze over the region that is being affected, the National Environmental Agency (NEA) website said.

Health advisory (for General Public and Workers) for up till 6pm, 12 July 2013

Healthy people: Normal activities

Elderly, pregnant women and children: Normal activities

People with chronic medical conditions, especially lung or heart disease: Normal activities

For employers/ employees: Normal activities

Note: People who are not feeling well, especially those with chronic heart or lung conditions, should seek medical attention.

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